Our COO Matti Heikkilä takes you inside our technology in this illuminating slide guide. Find out what’s our inspiration, bioprocessing tech behind next generation biorefineries, how to de-bottleneck a biorefinery, the possibilities with enzymatic lignin refining, their commercial road map, and more.

Futurity, whose mission is to outperform oil with trees through the production of advanced chemicals and materials from plantation forestry in New Zealand has finalized a licensing agreement with the Finnish company MetGen Oy. Cooperation will allow the development of a full range of high value lignin-based products including resins and adhesives, foams, composites, bio-based […]

Source: Our readers have voted. The Blog has really seen a boom in visits.  The most innovative bioeconomy CEO 2019 is Alex Michine, CEO of MetGen, the Finnish company founded in 2008 and focused on genetic engineering and synthetic biology (you can read our recent interview with him here). Alex Michine succeeds to Ken Richards (Leaf Resources), […]

Source: METNIN™ Technology combines high solubility of lignin and enzymatic treatment, designed to specifically modify and activate any lignin. Discover the potential mid-range applications (e.g. polyurethane foams, sizing and coating) of this revolutionary lignin valorization technology. Currently, only about 2% of the lignin available from the pulp industry is commercialized, mainly from the sulfite process. […]

Source: MetGen is a Finnish company headquartered in Kaarina and founded in 2008 on the core competence of genetic engineering and synthetic biology. In this exclusive interview with Il Bioeconomista, the CEO, Alex Michine, talks about the achievements and the next steps of the company and gives us his point of view regarding the bioeconomy in Finland […]