Biorefinery solutions

Future materials are sustainable. 

Biotechnology will play a central role in the production of most of the materials in our daily lives in a not so distant future. In fact, a combination of chemistry, biology, and novel process engineering – in other words, biotech is a key to economically viable biorefinery operations already today.

The current-state-of-the-art has a few distinct challenges including but not limited to:

  1. Cost of feedstock
  2. Cost of enzymes
  3. Cost of sidestreams and waste
  4. Too few commodity products with low price
  5. No co-productization

MetGen aims to address these challenges by providing solutions to enable a wider variety of feedstocks, including industrial side streams at a very low cost. Tailored enzymes to enhance the cost-efficiency in biomass processing and hydrolysis with our always bespoke SUNO™ products. We’re continuously developing new technologies to enable the re-use of enzymes and business models that allow for further lowering the enzyme related costs.

Additionally, we have developed technologies for turning that waste to value and further increasing the value of the biomass fractions: instead of sugars or ethanol and burning lignin, we can take the sugars towards renewable plastics and platform chemicals with our PURECO™ solutions.

Lignin can be refined to customer-specific chemical properties using our METNIN™ technology. Finally, the largest renewable source of aromatics is available for industries that have settled for oil until now.

MetGen solutions help you get more out of your biomass