Bio-industries are held back due to scattered technologies and incompatible business models.
We at MetGen do not want to sell you enzymes by the kilos, instead, we’d like to provide you solutions to succeed. Let’s bake the pie before we share it!

With this said, MetGen has come up with progressive and flexible business models that allow you to have an affordable technical solution and security to your business. We can offer ownership of the related technologies through flexible licensing agreements. We can provide your operations with the following licenses:

Enzyme production system

You can own the right to producing the enzymes required in your process, including the production strains, the related production process technologies, and even get the EPCM to build your own site. For example, hydrolysis enzymes are notoriously expensive to source from a third-party. Why pay the margins of production and sales, while you can license MetGen’s bespoke SUNO™ and its production system and enjoy the continuous development and upgrades as they are created by MetGen’s R&D.

MetGen’s production systems are built on bacterial as well as fungal strains and the processes are designed to be robust and easily transferrable. MetGen utilizes contract manufacturing locations and we are open to transferring the production to your preferred contractor as well.

Production licenses can be utilized for any enzymatic solutions. It is noteworthy, that MetGen is also happy to supply enzymes at any scale as products as well.

METNIN™ Lignin Refining

METNIN™ is a full process. It is lignin agnostic technology and easily integrated into most kinds of biorefineries. The full technology is available for licensing for your specific substrate, a multitude of end-products, and selected geographical areas. The license covers the right to use the technologies at a specified number of biorefineries or geographic area. The license does not limit the use of the METNIN™ fractions but does provide ready contacts to end-users and even ready formulations for drop-in products. License depending on the license fees, license agreement can include royalties and a supply agreement for the related enzymes. Please contact us to learn more about opportunities.

Joint Development

MetGen is open to utilizing ENZINE® technology platform and our biotech competence to co-create new enzymes and technologies. Depending on the scope of the agreement we are open to discuss various licensing options for the created technologies from full ownership to the related tech and IP to become a supplier of the new technologies and related enzymes.

We have simple programs to materialize new ideas in industry-leading speed that take away the risk and speed up the process. Contact us for more information!