Our network

MetGen has a great global network of organizations of all types and sizes. As a relentless mouthpiece for open innovation MetGen has been able to bring together hundreds of companies, universities, and RTOs to solve for our mutual challenges. Together we have been able to enable modern biorefineries that have the economic feasibility to take on the oil-based industries and finally provide alternatives to fossil products.

What is more, the collaborative network reaches all the way from the primary producers through the manufacturing industries and technology providers to the end- users and brands. The capability of assessing, creating, and bringing together full value-chains with complementary competencies no conflicting financial interests has been a winning formula for the successful and fast creation of new commercial solutions.

Within this ecosystem we have, to give a few examples, the following:

Contacts to supply and market: We can connect most of the forestry companies and many primary agricultural commodity companies to a large pool of chemical and material companies. We know there is a reliable supply and a large, yet increasing demand.
Development programs with dozens of technology companies to co-create and increase the value of biomass by capturing sidestreams, eliminating waste, and enabling higher-value products.

Contacts and collaboration with more than 150 end-user companies to productize bio-based materials. Creating the markets is a key to success!

11 ambitious Horizon2020 and BBI JU projects that alone bring together 80+ partners, 25 value-chains, 50+ new products and intermediates, and over 110 M€ funding for developing them.

We are like the enzymes we create – a small but immensely powerful catalyst for change!

Global network with 100’s of companies. With 11 EU projects for the Biobased value chain.