Woodzymes project achievements

MetGen is proud to be a partner in the consortium for wood transforming enzymes – WOODZYMES project – funded by Horizon 2020/BBI JU between 2018-2021.

WOODZYMES is based on a strong European consortium from Portugal, France, Finland and Spain, formed by world-leading companies of the sectors of pulp & paper (The Navigator Company Fibre Excellence), fibreboard manufacture (FINSA) and insulation materials (SOPREMA France), a biotech SME commercializing extremophilic enzymes and lignin refining technology METNIN™ (MetGen) and several research institutes (CIB, IRNAS and IATA from CSIC) and technology centres (RAIZ, CTP and Institut technologique FCBA) of the wood, cellulose, lignin and enzyme sectors.

To celebrate the successful conclusion, WoodZymes consortium has released a video (link below) to highlight the main results achieved during the project duration of 3.5 years.