METNIN™ Lignin Refining Technology allows removing the complexity of lignin molecule. With the power of biotechnology, METNIN™ breaks down any type of lignin gently and affordably into specific fractions. METNIN™ fractions are tailored to end-user needs and have the chemical characteristics required for the final applications. METNIN™ Products include intermediate lignin fractions for endless uses for aromatics as well as ready-to-use formulations for industrial materials and chemicals. These drop-in formulations include but are not limited to resins (e.g. full replacement of phenol-formaldehyde), lignopolyols (e.g. full replacement of oil-based polyols in foams), and sizing agents (e.g. strength increase and humidity control for fiber-based products). MetGen – together with its wide network of trusted collaboration partners – is continuously pushing the limits of material science, bringing a new wave of bio-based materials to the market.

Lignin products derived from specific run, using softwood kraft as starting material. All parameters can be tailored and adjusted to customer specific requirements.

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