METNIN™ NANOPolyol is one of our biobased demonstration products of METNIN™ lignin refining technology. It is designed to replace oil-based chemistries in rigid foam applications such as insulation panels for construction and appliances. METNIN™ SHIELD is a sustainable strength additive for fibre-based packaging board and cardboard boxes. SHIELD is a complete bio-based and ready-to use […]

The Daily Digest has just announced the 2023 Bioeconomy 500 list recognizing the outstanding leadership in the bioeconomy’s development and deployment. We are proud to see our CEO Alex Michine among the 500 top influencers in the world bioeconomy! Please follow the link for more information:

We are proud to launch a new product! METNIN™ NANOpolyol Lignin has been finally refined to an affordable #polyol for a myriad of applications from rigid and flexible foams to adhesives and coatings. The energy-efficient combination of biology and innovative chemistry provides for over 50% bio-based content and complete offset of the GHG emissions of […]

PITCCH open innovation network announces MetGen as winner of one of the 3rd round of corporate challenges. PITCCH promotes collaborations between Big Corporation and SMEs and Startups through targeted and concerted actions, which take in consideration the needs of all businesses involved. Repsol was seeking an SME or a startup with a technology targeting lignin […]

Come meet us in the world’s largest event dedicated to discussing materials innovations, technologies, and circular economy solutions to create a world FREE from waste plastic. We are excited to exhibit our METNIN™ lignin bio-based products and green technologies for a plastic free world. MetGen – together with its wide network of trusted collaboration partners […]

We have successfully created new products and value chains based on woody biomass and brought new chemicals and materials available to the industry. We are expanding our efforts to further include the Agri sector as a source of raw material but also as an end user of the biobased solutions. Please join us in the […]