METGEN WINS THE 3rd Corporate challenge round (27.10.2022)

PITCCH open innovation network announces MetGen as winner of one of the 3rd round of corporate challenges. PITCCH promotes collaborations between Big Corporation and SMEs and Startups through targeted and concerted actions, which take in consideration the needs of all businesses involved.

Repsol was seeking an SME or a startup with a technology targeting lignin conversion. Repsol will now work in a Proof of Concept together with MetGen. MetGen solution are METNIN PRODUCTS: bio-based materials used in packaging, resin, and foam products with demonstrated environmental benefits with respect to retail available ones. The technology is lignin agnostic and provides the missing link in the value-chain between crude lignin and high value lignin fractions for specific end user products. This technology enables a cost-efficient conversion of lignin into a wide variety of building blocks with specific molecular sizes.

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