‘INSIDE METGEN’ – Season 1 video presents our current products and innovations (21.2.2023)

  1. METNIN™ NANOPolyol is one of our biobased demonstration products of METNIN™ lignin refining technology.
    It is designed to replace oil-based chemistries in rigid foam applications such as insulation panels for construction and appliances.
  2. METNIN™ SHIELD is a sustainable strength additive for fibre-based packaging board and cardboard boxes.
    SHIELD is a complete bio-based and ready-to use formulation for packaging products. The formulation does not require retention agents and further additives for its application in packaging paper making process. SHIELD applied packaging materials are plastic free, recyclable, repulpable, printable, together with good printability features.
  3. METNIN™ Bioesters are hydrophobic lignin-based compounds with thermoplastic properties. These Bioesters are a potential replacement to fossil-based components and find its use in a wide range of applications such as bioplastics, coatings, paints, rubber matrices, textiles, carbon fibres, emulsions.

Hope you enjoy it!

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