+ SHIELD – sustainable BIO-BASED additive for fiber-based packaging boards.

The SHIELD improves the strength and moisture resistance properties of the paper board:

  • In ambient and tropical high moisture environments (up to 80% more strength @90% humidity)
  • Provides industry-standard hydrophobicity (Cobb60 <30)
  • Compliance with food contact regulations
  • Can be coupled with bio-based gas and grease barrier solutions

SHIELD-treated paper and cardboard products have superior characteristics:

  • Strength increase of ready-made cardboard boxes (up to 20%)
  • Recyclable, repulpable, printable, biodegradable & petroleum-free

Processes using SHIELD are more cost-effective:

  • SHIELD creates value and savings – a great value proposition for all stakeholders!
  • Enables Lightweight products: Up to 30% reduction of fiber without the loss of strength properties
  • Elimination of all oil-based chemicals, plastics, and most other strength aids

Demonstration on industrial pilot machines completed successfully with customers and a global industry technology provider

Material is now available for Industrial paper machine trials!