Unleashing Xylan’s Potential with Enzymes for a Scope of Consumer Products

Background & Mission

A path towards more sustainable products

With the growing demand for greener biobased consumer products, every fraction of biomass should be efficiently used and appropriately modified to obtain the desired properties. Enzymes are known for their selectivity and environment-friendly reactions and so can play important roles in broadening the scope of biobased consumer products. There are many such products in whose processing enzymes could play a key role, yet suitable commercial enzymes are unavailable or perform poorly. Equally, there are a number of hitherto underexploited fractions of biomass which are prime candidates for enzyme-based functional improvements and enhanced sustainable valorization, yet the current commercial landscape is lacking in suitable candidate enzymes.


EnXylaScope consists of 5 SMEs, 4 research institutes, 2 large industrial partners and 2 universities. The experienced project partners cover the entire value-chain: (i) culture collections; (ii) enzyme discovery; (iii) production systems; (iv) xylan production and modification; (v) consumer product development and evaluation; (vi) tools to accelerate lab to market; (vi) scaled-up enzyme and xylan production; (vii) LCA and sustainability; (viii) dissemination channels.