Our COO Matti Heikkilä takes you inside our technology in this illuminating slide guide. Find out what’s our inspiration, bioprocessing tech behind next generation biorefineries, how to de-bottleneck a biorefinery, the possibilities with enzymatic lignin refining, their commercial road map, and more. https://www.biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2021/05/02/enzymatic-lignin-fractioning-refining-the-digests-2021-multi-slide-guide-to-metgen/

Futurity, whose mission is to outperform oil with trees through the production of advanced chemicals and materials from plantation forestry in New Zealand has finalized a licensing agreement with the Finnish company MetGen Oy. Cooperation will allow the development of a full range of high value lignin-based products including resins and adhesives, foams, composites, bio-based […]