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The one thing in common between water treatment and biogas processes is that microbial processes are a key-element in both. In the end, both processes rely on the microbes to efficiently and thoroughly utilize the nutrients in the feed-stock, whether it is soluble in water or tied up in recalcitrant biomass.

Balanced and inhibitor-free use of carbon and nitrogen allow these small factories produce more gas, reduce the COD and produce less waste.

MetGen supplies a wide variety of enzymatic solutions to improve the process efficiency, including chopping down triglyserids and cellulosic materials to fatty acids and reducing sugars or neutralizing toxic compounds – like peroxide – that slow down your process. In short, we can address all the parts of the substrate in order to make it better suited for your needs.

Microbe populations in these processes are natural, and as all operators know, also uniquely evolved to match the local substrates and conditions. This is why one needs to take good care of the biota responsible of the heavy-lifting in the process.

However, the microbes can only work using enzymes that they produce to perform each and every task – cut or conversion of a chemical compound – required produce gas or neutralize the environmental load.

Unfortunately, evolution has not yet provided these otherwise very tough microbes with all the tools they could use: lignin and its derivatives are slowing down the metabolic pathways in many ways.

What really make MetGen’s enzymatic solutions unique, are the robust and powerful lignolytic enzymes we have developed to address lignin and other phenolic compounds. These affordable enzymes have a potential to improve waste water treatment efficiency by 20 % allowing either a reduced COD or a higher capacity for the treatment plant. Pulp and paper mills or other facilities with high quantities with lignin-derived (plant-based) compounds in their water streams will benefit of these solutions the most.

In biogas production lignolytic enzymes provide an opportunity to increase methane production rates as much as 60% and speed up the batch processes by weeks. Also, addressing lignin enables raw material substitution opportunities, such as changing from corn silage to straw without yield loss – and actually less waste.

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