Licensing our technologies presents a flexible way to focus on your core competence.

With the extra boost from our enzymes and enzymatic technologies, our solutions provide improved value.

You know your process; we know our enzymatic technologies. Let us improve your process with our knowledge, and provide you with a tailored solution fitting your needs. On-the-shelf products will not give your process a similar boost as tailored solutions: taking into account your process, your substrate, your process conditions and the inhibitors present in those conditions. Let your target be a faster process, improved conversion rate, utilizing an under-valued side stream or simply a better quality end-product ─ our technologies are supporting your needs.

Our ready technologies range from pulp and paper to renewable chemicals, waste water treatment to textile industry and biogas. Our enzymes can improve fiber strength, aid you to produce better bioplastics, or increase production rates.

Take a look at our portfolio of licensing opportunities!


Industries like biorefining, bioplastics and wood processing are dependent on their materials circulating as fast and economical as possible. For these customers, MetGen has developed thermotolerant enzymatic technologies on lignin valorization, enabling fragmentation, polymerization and activation. Unlike our competitors, our enzymes are efficient also in alkaline conditions up to pH11.
Thermotolerance and efficiency in alkaline conditions enable speeding up processes as well as chemical conversions in harsh, industrial conditions, represented by most of the biorefinaries and wood processing facilities.
Most abundant source of aromatics is finally available for resins, adhesives, composites, elastomers, foams, cosmetics… you name it!

Sugar conversions

The advantage of an enzymatic reaction in sugar conversion stems from the complete conversion of the glucose. In the conventional fructose-based process, the conversion between glucose and fructose reaches an equilibrium at less than 50% fructose, therefore requiring an additional and inefficient separation step. It is noteworthy in the case of MetGen’s approach that no additional chemicals or co-factors are needed to perform the bioconversion.

Speciality enzymes

Typically our development work with new enzymes and enzymatic technologies is a question of joint cooperation. Considering the value chain, the selection of enzymes can be factor providing the needed competitive edge. Whether it is providing your business with the enzymes needed in your process making it economically and environmentally more sustainable, a joint development project or licensing of technology, MetGen is ready to cooperate.

Enzyme manufacturing license

For enzyme manufacturing and rights to use MetGen enzymatic technologies, several options are available: manufacturing on-site at the customer premises or other specified location, exclusive rights on specific geographical location or on specific process step. Exclusive rights on enzymatic technology for a specific geographical area or industrial scale production to fulfill your process needs in specific geographical area provide you competitive advantage.

We are ready to discuss the following options related to technology licensing:

Tailored enzyme cocktail for biomass breakdown

Geographical area

Individual enzyme activities