In 2nd generation lignocellulosic biomass, lignin is one of the main building blocks.

With MetGen technologies, controlled size, solubility and activity of lignin can be achieved.

As the exact lignin structure depends on biomass used, lignin fractionation process significantly affects the properties of lignin produced. Majority of lignin produced today is treated as a side stream, and mostly used as black liquor for energy purposes. Without treatment, lignin is not usable for value added products.

With MetGen technologies for lignin valorization, we enable fragmentation, polymerization and activation of lignin. This allows the use of lignin in products such as paints, adhesives, artificial fibres, fertilisers, pesticides and naturally, plastics. Industries such as biorefining, bioplastics and wood processing can directly benefit from our solutions allowing for controlled size, solubility, activity, glass transition temperature and morphology of lignin material.

For MetGen, our enzyme family ideal for lignin valorization is thermotolerant. Unlike our competitors, our enzymes are efficient also in alkaline conditions up to pH11.

The technology platform of MetGen enables for lignin production and processing for specific needs, with specific characteristics. Most abundant source of aromatics is finally available for resins, adhesives, composites, elastomers, foams, cosmetics… you name it!

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