MetZyme® SUNO

MetZyme® SUNO™ is a high performance enzyme custom designed to significantly improve saccharification capabilities of commercial hydrolysis solutions. It is liquid solution formulated for easy and safe use in industrial applications.

MetZyme® SUNO™ is designed for efficient and targeted action on substrate with robustness and inhibitor resistance allowing for more flexibility in hydrolysis process conditions.


When used according to MetGen Oy recommendations MetZyme® SUNO™ improves hydrolysis reducing sugar yield – or allows reduction of hydrolysis enzyme related cost without compromising yields.

In addition MetZyme® SUNO™ can:

  1. Reduce hydrolysis time.
  2. Reduce inhibitors that hinder the following processes e.g. reduction of fermentation time by improving yeast viability.
  3. Enable valorizing process side streams.


pH – MetZyme® SUNO™ will function within extended pH range where beneficial for the substrate. The typical use for this enzyme is at a neutral pH or slightly alkalic but it has the flexibility to adjust to process conditions. Depending on the biomass, pre-treatment with MetZyme® LIGNO™ at pH8 prior to hydrolysis results in higher yields.

Temperature – MetZyme® SUNO™ will function between up to 60 C. depending on the tailored formulation, even higher temperatures are possible. Higher operating temperature results in higher enzymatic activity providing lower enzyme dosage for a particular application.

Retention Time – MetZyme® SUNO™ will function during the whole hydrolysis time enabling faster and more thorough hydrolysis.


Addressing client challenge

Client’s industrial processes often have conditions which are challenging for traditional enzymes: high temperature, extreme pH, high concentrations of inhibitors, and short reaction time. Characteristics as substrate specificity, temperature stability, or even solvent resistance shall be addressed as well. In evaluation of the client challenge, we always take in consideration the economic feasibility: We’re always targeting for an affordable solution.

From the day one, we focus the design process on improving the desired characteristics of the enzyme for optimal performance in specific conditions. Our aim is to offer continuous, reliable supply of enzyme to our customer. Therefore we always have technical and commercial feasibility in mind.

Application Testing

Industrial process parameters and substrates are often very hard to replicate at lab scale. However, all of lab scale tests still need to correlate to the final application. Therefore efficient protocols for application testing are the key for efficient development of novel enzyme.

We start from accumulating and analyzing the information acquired from customer regarding process conditions crucial for enzyme performance. Understanding customer environment, while at the same time understanding what makes a superior enzyme, helps us create a precise enzyme solution for the customer needs. MetGen has a set of innovative protocols developed in-house for emulating harsh industrial conditions.

MetGen application testing works with customer specific real-life substrates and often utilizing even the customer’s process waters. The testing begins with pre-treated biomass. Application work is customer-oriented and follows a logic to produce superior solutions:

  1. We first utilize a “base-line” hydrolysis cocktail that is known to work on similar or general type of substrate.
  2. We analyze the reducing sugars to get a base-line for the tailoring.
  3. We focus on the recalcitrant residue and analyze the composition
  4. We screen through dozens of novel enzymes to address the residue from the initial hydrolysis.
  5. The results are used to compile a better, tailored solution to match the specific substrate – if a new enzyme is needed, we can design that too!
  6. We repeat improving cycles until we are the preferred solution for our customer

Technical support

MetGen’s team of experts is there to help you all the way from addressing the challenge to help you make the most of enzymes in your everyday process. Our technical service is at your disposal at any time!


MetZyme® SUNO™ retains more than 80% of its activity after 6 months stored below 10 °C in its original container. Optimum storage condition is +4°C, where product activity is maintained over 6 months. Do not freeze. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

View Material Safety Datasheet (pdf)


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