MetZyme® POVON™ is a highly complex enzymatic solution tailored to match the demanding and variable conditions of chemical and special pulping. The main application is improvement of fibre strength properties and bleachability.

POVON™ increases the strength properties of chemical pulp without breaking the fibre. Our unique enzymes are able to survive the harsh conditions and deliver a variety of benefits:

  • Paper machine web-breaks reduction (up to 60%)
  • Increased production rate (up to 8%)
  • Energy & chemical savings
  • improved dewatering
  • Improved bleachability
  • Raw material substitution

Extreme thermal stability and inhibitor resistance of MetZyme® POVON™ products make them especially suitable for strength improvement and bleaching chemical reduction in chemical pulp applications.

Treatment of kraft pulp with MetZyme® POVON™ prior to bleaching addresses lignin and causes a selective partial hydrolysis of the precipitated hemicellulose. This has two indirect effects:

  • First, increased quantities of lignin can be washed from the pulp, and
  • second, the pulp is predisposed to bleaching chemicals.

The technique is called ‘bleach boosting’ and gives a significant reduction in the need for chemicals in the subsequent bleaching stage.

MetGen’s team of experts is always available to help explore the enzymatic opportunities together with you  – and offers all the help needed to optimize the enhanced process.

MetZyme® POVON V1

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MetZyme® POVON V2

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