MetZyme® LIGNO

MetZyme® LIGNO™ is a next generation, high performance enzyme solution custom designed to address lignin in various steps of processing wood, pulp or any lignocellulosic feedstock.

MetZyme® LIGNO™ has wide pH (3-11) and temperature (up to 80°C) capabilities allowing it to adapt to most pulping and paper making processes. It is liquid solution formulated for easy and safe use in industrial applications


MetZyme® LIGNO is a product family. This means that there are several versions of LIGNO™ – all tailored to customer’s specific needs. 

These tailored solutions may be used to achieve for example:

  • Reduce chip refining energy requirements by 15-25%
  • Enhance & restore fibre strength and increase inter-fibre bonding through fibrillation
  • Increase paper machine production rates and efficiencies by oxidizing wood extracts
  • Reduce bleaching chemical usage
  • Delignification and bleach boosting in Kraft pulping process
  • Energy saving and tensile improvements in mechanical pulping processes
  • Better hemicellulose extraction in lignocellulosic biomass pretreatment
  • Modifying molecule size of fully solubilized lignin in alkali conditions
  • Increase the strength and water-resistance of MDF board


pH – MetZyme® LIGNO will function within a pH range of 3–11 making it a product very adaptable to most existing processes.

Temperature – MetZyme® LIGNO will function between 10°C–80°C. Higher operating temperature results in higher enzymatic activity providing lower enzyme dosage for a particular application.

Please find three examples of our enzymes below – characteristics like this allows MetZyme® LIGNOto function in very harsh conditions:


Enzyme 1


Enzyme 2


Enzyme 3

ABTS – (2,2′-Azino-bis(3-ethylbenzthiazoline-6-sulfonic acid)
SGZ – Syringaldazine
DMP – 2,4-dimethylphenol
SGH – syringaldehyde

Initial rates of substrate oxidation were measured (by a relevant method) in different pH.
Thermostability of the enzyme depends on the pH. For determining thermostability at different pHs, enzyme was pre-incubated at different temperatures in buffers with different pH for 10 and 30 min. After preincubation pH was ajusted to 4.2 and residual activity tested using ABTS as substrate.

Presented data reflects only thermostability – not activity – at  various temperatures/pHs. Thermostability tested at pH 7.5

Retention Time – Depending on an application MetZyme® LIGNO functions within 30 minutes or few hours. A normal retention time for refining is 30-60 minutes but dosage can be adjusted accordingly to fit the specific mill process. For pulp delignification 1-4 hours is typical.


Addressing client challenge

Client’s industrial processes often have conditions which are challenging for traditional enzymes: high temperature, extreme pH, high concentrations of inhibitors, and short reaction time. Characteristics as substrate specificity, temperature stability, or even solvent resistance shall be addressed as well. In evaluation of the client challenge, we always take in consideration the economic feasibility: We’re always targeting for an affordable solution.

From the day one, we focus the design process on improving the desired characteristics of the enzyme for optimal performance in specific conditions. Our aim is to offer continuous, reliable supply of enzyme to our customer. Therefore we always have technical and commercial feasibility in mind.

Application Testing

Industrial process parameters and substrates are often very hard to replicate at lab scale. However, all of lab scale tests still need to correlate to the final application. Therefore efficient protocols for application testing are the key for efficient development of novel enzyme.

We start from accumulating and analyzing the information acquired from customer regarding process conditions crucial for enzyme performance. Understanding customer environment, while at the same time understanding what makes a superior enzyme, helps us create a precise enzyme solution for the customer needs. MetGen has a set of innovative protocols developed in-house for emulating harsh industrial conditions.

Technical support

MetGen’s team of experts is there to help you all the way from addressing the challenge to help you make the most of  enzymes in your everyday process. Our technical service is at your disposal at any time!


MetZyme product retains more than 80% of its activity at least 6 months when stored in 4 – 10 °C in its original container. Do not freeze. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

View Material Safety Datasheet (pdf)


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