MetGen is proud to announce new enzymes to MetZyme® LIGNO™ product family – pushing the limits of what an enzyme can do.
Extending our capabilities further to the harsh industrial conditions allow us to help you even better than before.

Please find examples of the extended field of applications below:

We have expanded the field of application to extremely alkaline conditions. LIGNO™ solutions now cover the pH spectrum from 3 -11. Our new alkaliphilic enzymes have their optimum between pH 10 – 11.

As our satisfied customers know, MetZyme® LIGNO™ enzymes are also thermotolerant up to 80°C, depending on the pH.

The new achievements in protein engineering have created an unprecedented ability to address industrial challenges that have previously lied beyond enzymes:

  • Delignification and bleach boosting in Kraft pulping process
  • Modification of molecule size of fully solubilized lignin in alkaline conditions
  • Energy saving and tensile strength improvements in mechanical pulping processes
  • Better hemicellulose extraction in lignocellulosic biomass pretreatment


LIGNO™ expands the enzyme application deep into the Kraft process:
Pre- and post-digester delignification – and even O2-stage enzyme treatment – open up new opportunities in reaching Kappa, viscosity , and brightness targets with higher yield and with less bleaching chemicals. Furthermore, O2-stage application may allow for much lower temperature without increasing alkali dosage.


MetZyme® LIGNO™ was originally designed to significantly improve the economics of pulp and paper production through energy savings in refining. MetZyme® LIGNO™ impacts selected lignin fractions and chemical bonds to improve subsequent pulp refining and fibre bonding. In many suitable process settings, additional benefits – such as chemical reduction, improved dewatering or improvement of pulp quality – are obtained using MetZyme® LIGNO™ solution.

MetZyme® LIGNO™ has wide pH and temperature capabilities allowing it to be readily adapted to most pulping and paper making processes. It is a liquid product designed for easy and safe application.

MetZyme® LIGNO™ allows mills to unlock more value from wood fibres by improving energy efficiency in primary and secondary refining in mechanical and chemi-mechanical pulping.


MetZyme® LIGNO™ can also be utilized in more thorough separation of hemicellulose (C5) in fractionation of biomass: a prior treatment of lignocellulosic feedstock improves the separation of xylose into a liquid fraction.

Furthermore, purifying the C5 sugar stream after pre-treatment may be enhanced by enzymatic polymerization of monomeric lignin and phenolic compounds. Enzymatic polymerization of e.g. lignosulfonates enables filtration and further use of purified C5 sugars.


MetZyme® LIGNO™ solutions function under challenging industrial conditions, such as elevated temperature and high consistency, enabling application in a variety of process points – even directly on wood chips or harsh chemical processes. MetGen’s team of experts is always available for all the help needed to implement our solution and optimize the your enhanced process.

MetZyme® LIGNO

Solution for energy saving in mechanical chip refining

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