Revolutionary solution for recycled fibre (RCF) applications:

MetZyme® BRILA™ is a new, high-performance enzymatic solution tailored individually to each customer’s process to significantly improve the economics of RCF processes. BRILA™ is praised by our customers as an enzymatic solution with unparalleled robustnes and effect in challenging industrial conditions of commercial pulp mills.

BRILA™ enzymatic solution provides improved fibre strength, energy consumption, dewatering, and processability in various RCF processes. These improvements are tailored to remove the bottleneck of our customer’s specific process and improve the capacity and economics regardless of the process flow or layout. 

MetZyme® BRILA™ has extraordinary pH and temperature capabilities allowing for adoption to most recycled / deinked pulp processes. MetZyme® BRILA™ is a liquid enzyme product created for easy and safe of application. Due to the unique properties of MetZyme® BRILA™ is a drop-in solution that requires no capital investment or retrofitted equipment.

MetGen’s team of experts will take care of the initial set-up of the new enzyme-enhanced process and to ensure the right dosing points. Our experts will be available for technical service and provide all the help needed to continuously optimize the process.


BRILA™  is continuously used on a customer paper machine (PM) producing 65,000 MT/year of tissue paper (with as raw material a mix of office waste, household waste and virgin fibre). Initial demonstration was conducted with MetGen’s team of experts, immediately yielding excellent results (Figure Below).

The tissue paper produced during enzyme application showed (depending on the grade) up to 13% tensile index increase, 3%-5% increase in stretch, 35%-60% refining energy saving, and up to 6% increase in paper machine speed without increasing the drying temperature. In addition, paper machine runnability with household grade pulp improved, decreasing break time from 45 minutes to 15 minutes per day.

Today, one of the most important benefits for the customer is the ability to substitute previously required virgin fibre (10%) completely with RCF.

MetZyme® BRILA

Tailor-made enzymatic solution for your RCF appliations

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