Our quest for industrial enzymes requires a state-of-the-art technology platform. We bring innovative sustainable solutions, by tailor-making industrial enzymes to fit customer processes.

For us, industrial means large scale, robust, and price effective.

ENZINE® is a platform combining protein evolution technology and fermentation process development enabling recombinant expression of tailored enzymes that meet the needs of our customers. We have already improved the characteristics of many industrial enzymes including, but not limited to: laccase, xylanase, endoglucanase, pectinase, and much more

MetGen has gathered a dedicated team that is highly experienced in genetic engineering, microbiology, industrial biotechnology and their end-users’ processes, to be able to meet the customer needs and to ensure excellence on every step from idea to production.

What makes the ENZINE® platform unique?

  1. FAST: Ability to develop a novel enzymes from idea to industrial production in less than 12 months
  2. FLEXIBLE: Tailored approach in enzyme design for optimized solution even in the most challenging industrial conditions
  3. VERSATILE: Our preferred expression systems are built to serve enzyme engineering and protein evolution, and as such it provides the ability to produce large amounts of enzyme in price efficient way – even the novel ones.

COMPLETE: Our clients come to us with a challenge in their industrial process. We solve it by novel enzyme supplied in industrial quantities. The new solution always comes with the continued expertise of MetGen’s technical support team.

We have already developed and scaled-up many interesting molecules with unique industry specific characteristics including laccases, pectinases, endoglucanases, xylanases, cellulases, and many other enzymes.

MetGen is committed to protecting the confidentiality of our clients’ business activities. Complete service concept is illustrated below:

Figure 1. ENZINE® Technology Platform is perfectly aligned with MetGen’s service concept

Client Challenge

Client’s industrial processes often have conditions which are challenging for traditional enzymes: high temperature, extreme pH, high concentrations of inhibitors, and short reaction time. Characteristics as substrate specificity, temperature stability, or even solvent resistance shall be addressed as well. In the evaluation of the client challenge, we always take in consideration the economic feasibility: We’re always targeting for an affordable solution.

ENZINE® Advantage

From the day one, we focus the design process on improving the desired characteristics of the enzyme for optimal performance in specific conditions. Our aim is to offer continuous, reliable supply of industrial enzymes to our customer. Therefore we always have technical and commercial feasibility in mind.

Design, Cloning, and Screening

The complete genome sequence is worked on with a combination of robust sequence analysis and annotation tools providing an excellent basis for selecting relevant prototype enzymes with desired properties.

Crystal structures complemented by homology 3D modeling and comparative sequence analysis are used to identify the hot spots in the enzyme structure which is likely to be instrumental in improving the desired enzyme properties. The libraries are screened in 96- or 396-well format using robotic high-throughput screening (HTS) equipment.

ENZINE® Advantage

Our protein engineering platform enables the rapid development of custom-designed enzymes that are highly optimized for efficient manufacturing processes. The platform is comprised of proprietary methods for the design and generation of focused genetic libraries. Our proprietary directed evolution technology platform is based on a balanced combination of rational computational design and combinatorial approach, which leads to a dramatic enrichment in productive mutations. This results in significant increase in the efficiency and speed of enzyme improvement and process optimization.

We patent the mutations, which provide a competitive advantage to our proteins.

ENZINE® allows MetGen to complete cloning and screening in very short time, typically 6-8 weeks

Application Testing

Industrial process parameters and substrates are often very hard to replicate at lab scale. However, all lab scale results need to correlate to the final application. Therefore efficient protocols for application testing are the key for the efficient development of novel industrial enzyme.

ENZINE® Advantage

We start from accumulating and analyzing the information acquired from a customer regarding process conditions crucial for enzyme performance. Understanding customer environment, while at the same time understanding what makes a superior enzyme, helps us create a precise enzyme solution for the customer needs. MetGen has a set of innovative protocols developed in-house for emulating harsh industrial conditions.


To turn a fully functioning enzyme into a successful commercial product one needs to carefully design process steps, select suitable and affordable raw materials, and formulate technical details for the fermentation and product recovery in a Technology Transfer Package.

Typically this process requires a range of lab and pilot scale fermentors, analytical lab, and tools for the design of experiments and data analysis.

ENZINE® Advantage

Fermentation experiment design is based on our experience with the host-strain in enzyme production processes. This allows us to rapidly go into a phase of product-specific process optimization. Optimization applies all the way to industrial enzyme production.

As part of the fermentation experiments, we perform media screening to find the media composition that gives the highest enzyme yield at an affordable cost. This optimization is first done in the lab, then in our pilot facility, and finally transferred to an industrial scale. At the same time, we improve the production strain, conditions and processes to utilize the raw materials more efficiently.

Downstream Processes (DSP)

Downstream processes owe thanks to the molecule characteristics and fermentation development allowing for more versatile and much harsher process conditions. This fact enables a highly streamlined selection of unit operations in DSP, where processes are designed to handle large product volumes in a fast and cost-effective way.

Very often inefficient downstream processes negatively affect overall process, making industrial enzymes too expensive for most applications. Deep knowledge of biotechnical processes and equipment is crucial for success. Even more importantly, the overall process is considered at each production area: ENZINE® Technology platform has been designed to be a complementary process all the way from the molecular level through production stages to formulation step. At MetGen we do not separate the sections of the process – instead we design the whole chain to be strong. This adds robustness and flexibility to production.

ENZINE® Advantage

The selected technologies in ENZINE® Platform provide unforeseen flexibility and robustness to process. With ENZINE® Technology Platform the production of even the new and novel products can be accomplished with certainty and extraordinary cost efficiency.

Scale-up of industrial enzymes

Key-factors of industrial biotechnology are carefully addressed to ensure increased yields and consistent product quality: series of fermentation, process optimization, and scale-up all aim at maintaining optimum and standardized reaction conditions through the scales minimizing microbial stress and enhancing metabolic accuracy.

A suitable strategy for each individual product, process, and production facility has to be formulated in a comprehensive and detailed process description, identifying all the relevant process parameters. The product yield and quality are kept constant or improved through the scale-up process.

ENZINE® Advantage

In our Pilot facility, we operate fermenters with working volumes of 1L, 2L, and 300L, coupled with related downstream processes, allowing for thorough scale-up studies and process de-risking. The in-house Pilot facility provides MetGen with full control over the process development. Furthermore, through industrial partnership, we have direct access to facilities from 10 000L to 150,000L fermentation capacity. In addition to the technical assessment of any process, we also provide systematic economic validation studies.

Industrial Production

Our close relations with industrial production partners enable a smooth and rapid transfer from pilot to manufacturing. Technology transfer to industrial enzyme production can be done in a couple of weeks.

ENZINE® Advantage

The proven platform gives our selected partners a possibility to learn and trust our production system. Best of all, our highly capable manufacturing partners are working together with MetGen’s team of experts, constantly improving the ENZINE® – run by run.

With ENZINE® Platform Technologies, the manufacturing operations hardly notice a change between target molecules, as the very robust process doesn’t require much adjustment in production protocol.

Therefore, a rapid development of new or enhanced industrial enzymes can be done fast without upsetting production plans or compromising capacity.