MetGen as a company has focused on lignocellulosic biomass.

That is our business strategy, what is yours?

ENZINE® technology platform is enzyme agnostic. In other words, our platform can be utilized to improve any enzyme, focusing on biomass also other than our strategic focus and enzyme strains.
Our typical cooperation is divided into two phases. At the first phase MetGen will screen potential enzymes and best strains to work with, introducing the results to the customer. After the first phase our modular approach, if the results are favorable and desirable for the customer, can move to the second phase of genetic engineering and scale up of production. Before moving into the second phase, the best candidates for the customer’s process are carefully inspected and different options for the production discussed.

Modular approach to enzyme development

1st phase

Initial screening of potential enzymes and process conditions. First phase takes up to 3 months, cost estimation 20k€ per month.

2nd phase

Genetic engineering of the most promising enzyme or strains, scale up of production. Second phase takes 6-12 month, the cost is affected by selections on the manufacturing site as well as ownership and user rights of the developed solutions.