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Your fast track to specialty enzyme development from genetic engineering to industrial scale production and supply.

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Team for Excellence – Complete Industrial Enzyme Development

The MetGen team has extensive experience in genetic engineering and microbiology, as well as the capabilities required to adapt enzymes to harsh industrial conditions. Based on novel methods in genetic engineering and a careful selection of the most effective molecules, many molecular characteristics can be freely modified according to the customer needs.

MetGen’s unparalleled ability for enzyme development through protein engineering and selection opens new opportunities for lignocellulosic biomass processing, enabling more affordable industrial processes as well as new renewable chemicals.

MetGen’s focus on application testing using relevant lignocellulosic substrates is a key-aspect of success: each process with its raw materials creates a unique combination to which the enzymatic solution can – and should – be optimized.

A flexible production system, including the recombinant host organisms and scale-up process, is needed to complement the tailored solution. MetGen has developed a very cost-effective and streamlined manufacturing process that can easily adopt required changes. We work hard to lower the cost of industrial enzymes to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to new industrial applications and bring added value to our customers.

Our team working at the customer interface is skilled in biotechnology and customer processes. This is a priority for us in MetGen: We understand the customer needs and communicate them to our development team – together we can provide the right solution for each customer.

MetGen takes a global view on enzyme development with full-service concept covering the path from lab to large-scale production. Thus, MetGen is capable of providing the industry with enzymes to meet the expectations and conditions in their existing processes – and to provide this tailored product-offering and service on a very large scale in a timely manner. This engineered enzyme product is new, with no similar competitors currently on the market. Figures below illustrate MetGen’s capabilities and the novelty and uniqueness of the process.

From Idea to Market

The competitive advantage of MetGen, covering the whole lifecycle from idea to market

We’re fast – Path from idea to production can take less than 6 months

Excellence in Key market applications and continuous improvement to exceed customers’ expectations

MetZyme® tailored solutions are designed to make customers’ processes more efficient, economically feasible and environmentally friendly. In pulping processes, for example, well optimized MetZyme® can reduce the energy consumption of mechanical pulping up to 30 %, depending on the process set-up, and decrease bleaching chemical usage up to 50 %. The use of MetZyme® solutions does not require new or more efficient processing equipment, which enables low capital investment cost. Economic and sustainable usage of raw materials and increased productivity is a top-priority to MetGen, giving focus to the enzyme development.

In biorefinery applications, bespoke MetZyme® solutions are designed for more affordable and robust processes. In addition, enzyme technology customized to substrate and process can significantly reduce the time spent on biomass to achieve the same results, compared to using the alternative solutions, such as other commercial cellulase complexes alone. This increases productivity and also reduces equipment costs due to improved capacity requirements. In biorefineries, MetZyme can reduce the enzyme usage by 50-80 %, making the costs of lignocellulosic bioethanol comparable to Brazilian sugarcane-derived bioethanol (less than 20€ / GJ of biofuel).

However, the best results are often gained using MetZyme® together with optimal equipment. Therefore, the MetGen team is always ready to study and optimize enzyme solutions for use on new processes or equipment. We are happy to work with you on your new ideas – please find your contact from the side of this page.

Examples of tailored enzyme development:

MetZyme® SUNO™ and MetZyme® PURECO™ Designed for the biochemical production process

Protein engineering is MetGen’s core competence. MetGen has gathered a dedicated team that is highly experienced in genetic engineering, microbiology, industrial biotechnology and their end-users’ processes, to be able to answer to the customer needs and to ensure excellence on every step from idea to market. The proteins developed by MetGen are patented by international patents to give legal protection to the company’s strategic objective to produce and market industrial enzymes.

MetGen’s enzyme solutions for biochemical and biofuel are marketed under the trademarks MetZyme® SUNO™ & PURECO™ – they are is based on thermostable enzyme complexes with a wide pH tolerance, designed for harsh industrial conditions, and can be further tailored to each customer’s individual needs.

The usage of MetZyme® in biorefinery applications is presented in the figure below, describing a simplified and basic cellulosic biomass conversion process. MetZyme® solution disrupts the lignin network thus reducing the energy consumption of pulping and improving the quality of pulp and fibres. In biorefinery applications, MetZyme® breaks the recalcitrance and facilitates the hydrolytic enzymes, catalyzes lignin reactions, increases fermentable sugar yield, accelerates fermentation rates, improves the process parameters beyond typical enzyme-related restrictions, and reduces waste water contamination. At the same time, it can reduce the formation of inhibitors that may affect the downstream processes (e.g. yeast fermentation). The oxidative action is also responsible for the specific catalytic fragmentation of lignin to low molecular weight aromatic compounds, which can open opportunities for new value added-product streams in paper & pulp as well as biorefineries. MetZyme® PURECO™ supports the recovery of lignin and fermentable sugars as well as the further usability of these precursors in further processing – improving the economics of overall processes.

Cellulosic Biomass Conversion with MetZyme® solutions