MetZyme® PURECO™ is a next generation enzyme family.

Products in this family are  individually customized for each substrate and process to significantly improve the economics of biochemicals production from lignocellulosic feedstock. PURECO™ enzymatic solutions are specifically tailored for biochemical conversion to value-added renewable chemicals.

PURECO™ products consist of a variety of novel enzymes needed for challenging conversions and conditions in complex value-chains. These enzymes enable Wood-to-Chemicals processes, and with that, a source of more sustainable and renewable chemical building-blocks for better products and materials.

Opportunities include, but are not limited, to bioplastics, sorbitol, xylitol, furfural, 5-HMF, and organic acids. New technologies supporting Biofuels – such as jet fuel, biogas, or even lignin-based marine diesel – are made available to the industry.

MetZyme® PURECO™ enzymes can be optimized for wide range of pH and temperature specifications as well as other harsh conditions, such as high concentration of solvents, allowing for a drop-in solution to most biorefinery processes.

MetGen’s team of experts are always available to ensure an optimal selection of enzyme for the process – and offers help to continuously improve the new enhanced process.

PURECO™ unleashes the power of MetGen’s technology platform by extending the enzymatic toolbox to cover also the chemical conversions after the pre-treatment and hydrolysis.

EXAMPLE CASE: H2020-PROJECT ReTAPP – Enabling the Value-Chain form Wood to Plastic Packaging

Wood-based fructose has not been utilized for bioplastic production because the enzymes required for the conversion cannot tolerate the inhibitors in the hydrolysate without extensive purification. MetGen designed a superior enzyme with wide tolerance towards inhibitors such as lignin and other sugars. The power of designer enzymes is clearly demonstrated in the figure below.

As in real-life, valorization of wood in ReTAPP project is a complex process, which can be addressed with enzymatic solutions on many stages.

  • MetZyme® LIGNO™ is used for better separation of hemicellulases in pretreatment stage. Resulting soluble fraction has most of the xylose for further conversion to value added chemicals.
  • MetZyme® SUNO™ provides higher hydrolysis yields, increased dry-matter content and more affordable production of glucose.
  • MetZyme® PURECO™ is used to convert glucose to fructose.

Fructose is chemically converted first to 5-HMF, then to FDCA, and ultimately to PEF resin. Xylose is converted to Xylulose, but it can also be further converted to xylitol or furfural.

Let MetZyme® PURECO™ take your process beyond sugars!



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