MetZyme® LIGNO™ is a next generation enzymatic solution designed to significantly improve the economics of pulp and paper production through energy savings in refining. MetZyme® LIGNO™ impacts selected lignin fractions and chemical bonds to improve subsequent pulp refining and fibre bonding. In many suitable process settings, additional benefits – such as chemical reduction or improvement of pulp quality – are obtained using MetZyme® LIGNO™ solution.

MetZyme® LIGNO™ has wide pH and temperature capabilities allowing to be readily adapted to most pulping and paper making processes. It is a liquid product designed for easy and safe application.

MetZyme® LIGNO™ allows mills to unlock more value from wood fibres by improving energy efficiency in primary and secondary refining in mechanical and chemi-mechanical pulping. MetZyme® LIGNO™ operates in a broad range of pH (4.5–10.0) and temperature (10°C–85°C).

MetZyme® LIGNO™ solutions function under challenging industrial conditions, such as elevated temperature and high consistency, enabling application in variety of process points – even directly on wood chips. MetGen’s team of experts is always available for all the help needed to implement our solution and optimize the new enhanced process.

MetZyme® LIGNO

Solution for energy saving in mechanical chip refining

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MetZyme® LIGNO V2

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